How will we transform public health to effectively address health inequities— those difference in health that are systemic, avoidable, unfair and unjust? How will we respond? How will we move beyond our current scope to address issues such as residential segregation, income and wealth inequalities, redlining, gentrification, infrastructure deficits, air-water-and-soil pollution and political disenfranchisement? How will we engage in areas such as economic development, employment, education, housing, tax policy, immigration, voting policies, environmental regulation, land use, transportation, and more?

Ultimately, how will we work to re-balance power so that ours is a society that truly works for the good of all?

Many public health departments across the state of California are grappling with these questions, taking risks and transforming their practice to build community power, to partner in innovative and impactful ways with other agencies, organizations and institutions and to improve conditions for health.

The Advancing Health Equity Workshop is designed for those public health practitioners who believe in changing the status quo, in thinking differently and in fundamentally transforming how we approach health creation in this country. The workshop creates a space for people from local health departments across the state to gather and learn from, support, and inspire each other in doing deep, impactful and lasting health equity work. It is also a learning space to share strategies and ideas for adopting, implementing, leveraging and deepening essential practices that can build community voice and power to advance health. 

The workshop is offered once a year. For more information, contact Sophia Simon-Ortiz, Human Impact Partners.

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