Arnold X. Perkins Award

2017 Awardee | Monterey County Health Department

Since 2012, Monterey County Health Department (MCHD) has been using Health in All Policies (HiAP) framework with a Collective Impact approach to intentionally expand upstream work on social determinants, including staffing and funding support for a department ‘backbone’. MCHD developed a stronger county-wide commitment to health equity both within the department and outside with stakeholders by using five key HiAP elements: 1. Promoting incorporation of HiAP into policies, programs, and processes and embedding HIAP into government decision making; 2. Fostering intersectoral collaboration; 3. Creating co-benefits; 4. Engaging stakeholders; and 5. Creating structural change. HiAP has been a catalyzing force for partnership development with community residents, coalitions and community-based organizations across public works, housing, transportation, and community empowerment. Their work has led to strategic wins – like the County adopting “promoting access to equitable opportunities for healthy choices and healthy environments in collaboration with communities” as a priority in its 2017-2018 Legislative Platform – as well as the building of power in communities facing inequities through, for example, the enLACE Leadership and Civic Engagement Academy.

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